Babies love massages too!

Apr 07, 2011

There's nothing more relaxing than a gentle massage, babies love this experience just as much as their Mums but the prospect of doing it correctly can be a little daunting for new parents. With that in mind we've got together with The Little Style Book to bring you a simple, easy to follow guide.
The benefits of baby massage are well documented but it really is a fabulous experience for both parent, grandparent or carer and child, it is fantastic for Dad's of breastfed babie who can feel a little left out in the early days. It is a great opportunity to share some quality time with your baby and is brilliant for calming and relaxing you both, encouraging restful sleep.
Here's a link to the guide, be sure to leave your comments if you've tried massage before or if you've given it a go using our guide, you can also download a longer, printable version of the guide from our website here.
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