Our best review yet! Smiles all round :)

Jun 10, 2011

This review took us all by surprise this morning, Dandelion Baby have been so supportive of our products since the launch and it makes us all really proud when an expert in our field and more importantly, a parent; recognises our hard work.

Forever Friends Naturals - Sleepy Head Body Wash 250ml £4.00
'I feel sad as I write this as it is the last of the five wonderful products from Forever Friends Naturalsrn that hits our product review pages.  You will have noticed that rnDandelion Baby are suckers for luxury beauty; this brand may be aimed at rnthe mass market through it’s price but in terms of packaging, rnformulation and fragrance it is one of the most luxurious baby brands wern have come across. Sleepy Head Wash ticked all the boxes just as the rnbubble bath and shampoo had; lovely consistency, moisturising and rndelicious smelling.  While we have come across some brilliant products rnfrom other brands Forever Friends Naturals is the only brand that has rnstood out because we LOVE all the products in their range.  Whilst we rnhave to move on to brands and products new in order to keep bringing yourn the latest product news we will miss using Forever Friends Naturals rnevery day – we strongly suggest you buy the lot!'

Please stop by Dandelion Baby and take a look at Amber's gorgeous blog, she reviews some fantastic brands and we're thrilled to be included.

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