Love Being Mummy To Two baby massage review

Aug 05, 2011

If you hadn't noticed already, we have a free guide to baby massage available right here on our website, which was perfect for Victoria from the Love Being Mummy To Two blog as she's been unable to find a class which will allow her to take her toddler as well as her baby. So, in the comfort of her own home she reviewed our Nighty Night Cuddle Lotion and followed our guide to see if massage would help with Callum's colic. It certainly seemed to help and she was thrilled with the results,
"Callumrn took to his massage very well, I followed a guide which you can rndownload yourself, It was so easy to follow, there also are fab tips to rnhelp you!!  I think he loved the bonding time we had as its always rnAnnabelle, Callum and I!!  He was so relaxed, I had put a relaxing CD onrn in the background and he was almost drifting off!!  I massaged him rnafter bath, before bed, he went down straight after his bottle ( which rnnever usually happens) and slept through!! So it must have helped his rnwind, was very happy!!"
Victoria is going to post a video on her blog and we'll make it available on our website too, feel free to take a look and follow the techniques used, download our guide and give your baby a relaxing massage before bed to encourage a restful nights sleep for you both.

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